Wessex Institution Collection

Also, known as the WIT Press eLibrary, the Wessex Institution of Technology eLibrary is a collection of papers from the Institute’s prestigious international conferences. There are also State-of-the-Art Science and Engineering publications, and international journals. These scientific publications are cataloged and archived within the British and American libraries of Congress. The search engine is quick and able to search through more than 28,000 peer reviewed papers. Each of these papers can be downloaded in PDF format very quickly. All of these papers are free to download without having to register since they are open access. With the latest research, you have full access to the latest information on science and engineering. Researchers, engineers, scientists, graduate students and managers are able to access the latest information within their fields with a publishing company that has over 30 years of experience. Even though they are based in the UK, they are able to bring the information to the entire planet. They also have an office located in Boston, MA, USA.

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