Want To Learn More About Mr. Ryan Seacrest?

Though his radio career dated back longer than a decade prior to its 2002 premiere, American Idol: The Search for a Superstar – its name was reduced to American Idol from its second season onwards – Ryan Seacrest gained worldwide fame shortly after co-hosting the Fox-broadcasted show alongside Brian Dunkleman.

Today, Mr. Seacrest is widely known as one of the hardest-working people in show business around the globe, and unarguably the hardest-working media business participant in the United States.

What else is Ryan Seacrest famous for?

You may be a fan of daytime TV and familiar with Seacrest’s year-long, ongoing tenure with the long-running talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan – though Ryan joined slightly more than a year ago, the Live with… series has been in operation since 1983 – or prefer radio, where you listen to On Air with Ryan Seacrest during weekdays. Further, you could work at or be forced to frequent children’s hospitals, ten of which are found in some of the biggest hospitals in America.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps enter acutely and chronically ill children alike into programs that expose them to the world of media via those ten hospitals’ Seacrest Studios facilities.

Ryan Seacrest is into clothing and skincare

Though not all men are invested or even interested in skincare, revenues from Ryan’s Polished by Dr. Lancer skincare product line would suggest otherwise. The company’s name stems from Mr. Seacrest’s partnership with Hollywood skin-specializing physician Dr. Harold Lancer. Some entertainment stars start their own fashion businesses, though very few have been successful as Polished.

Mr. Seacrest is also responsible for Ryan Seacrest Distinction, the eponymous men’s lifestyle brand sold solely through American department store Macy’s.

Don’t forget the radio

On Air with Ryan Seacrest was created in 1995, though the first run of the show was terminated in 2003. The following year – 2004 – a fellow Los Angeles radio network picked up the show. It still runs on air through May 2018, though he now broadcasts from Manhattan.

The latest posts from Ryan are here: https://www.facebook.com/ryanseacrest/