Waiakea Water Goes Above and Beyond

Different brands of water are created differently, each with different ingredients. Waiakea water, in particular, provides alkaline water.

Most brands offer water at 4 to 5 pH Waiakea, on the other hand, provides a human-friendly pH of 8.8.the human pH Is 7.4. This natural higher ph. is significant in detoxification of electrons and therefore disease elimination in the body

Waiakea was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. He’s the CEO, who grew up in California and Hawaii. These states in the US have a beautiful surrounding which gave Ryan a favorable view of a healthy and clean environment. Hawaii presented his family with pure and wholesome volcanic with always, and Emmons came to realize about this after doing charitable work in Africa. Then came the idea of Waiakea water.

Hawaiian water is at a ph. of 8.8. This pH got achieved from the volcanic soil profile at Mauna Loa. Water is filtered through 1400 feet porous rocks and in the process obtain minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Unlike most water sources, which have an aquifer, the water here flows all through the year as rains get experienced over 95% of the year.

Mauna Loa is an active volcano which according to the natives is a long mountain and its 33000 feet high. This height makes it the tallest mountain and also provides a significant way for filtration, a revolutionary technology.

Alkaline water, in this case, Waiakea water present with various health benefits. First, it helps neutralize acidic ph. in the stomach due to bicarbonate ions in the water that inactivate pepsin. Acidic water, on the other hand, contains hydrogen ions which can’t help with acid reflux.

According to a study by the International Society of Sports, a balanced body ph. Achieved by basic water aids in hydration. This was because of alkaline water consumers such as Waiakea compared to the tap water consumers.

Volcanic water also provides for silica. Recommended daily value is at 30 mg. Waiakea water offers a silica content of 32.4 mg which is higher and healthier. Silica improves cognitive function and in return lowers the occurrence of conditions such as Alzheimer’s by about 10%.

All these benefits lead to it being among top 10 volcanic drinks of water.