Victoria Doramus Creates a Life with a Purpose

Victoria Doramus lives in London as a recovery expert and a professional in media, advertising, and communication. She is also a woman on a mission. She has been on a journey that some can relate to, which has inspired her to help others who have been on similar journeys.

Her story begins like so many others. She went to college, studying journalism and mass communication and then graduated. Victoria worked in her field of study, but there was a darkness lurking in her future.

Her life really began to unravel and would eventually come crashing down. What happened? She had done so much, but drug and alcohol use caught up with her. As with most addicts, drinking and drugs came about in a small way that seemed like no big deal.

Just a little here for this reason, a little more for that reason. Reasons became excuses and led to more and more of the drugs she came to bond with. Then a full blown downward spiral had come to a dead end and Victoria Doramus had lost literally everything she had after being arrested a few times. Friends, family, home, money…. everything. Doramus talks about how she overcame her addiction.

As per, But just as each day has a new dawn, Victoria Doramus overcame her struggles. She finally found help that healed her in the ways she really needed, and has gotten back on her feet. Life sprouted a new direction for her, and now she is devoted to empowering others who have lost their way.

Now Victoria Doramus is using her skills to start a halfway house in New York City. She is currently in the funding process and is excited about the progress. While consistently re-developing herself, she uses her new focus to create a life where she is both successful and humble at the same time.

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