Unbelievable Responses from NAACP Members to the Resilience Displayed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is one of the few organizations in the forefront of the campaign against all forms of discrimination against colored people within and outside the United States. While many people expect this race-based discrimination to be on the decrease with the spread of information, the reverse is the case.

Even the highly educated still condescend so low as to prefer people of their skin color when individuals of the other camp are better qualified. There is virtually no human endeavor where this form of discrimination is not evident.

On a regular basis, the NAACP leadership holds seminars for members to motivate them towards fighting and subduing the monster called racism and other forms of discriminations against colored people.

The story of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin bravery and resilience in the fight against human right abuses did the expected in one of the seminars – spurred members to go all out against human right abusers.

Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin can be likened to birds of the same feather. They have many things in common. Both are journalists and civil liberty activists. Together, they co-founded Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.

While going about their daily routine, they got wind of certain atrocities traced to County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and some grand jury proceedings to cover them up. These men understood they will be doing humanity great injustice if they keep mute and leave the County unexposed, so they reported his mischievous acts to appropriate quarters for prompt investigation.

This was how they stepped on the toes of the County, and he arranged for men to forcefully pick both men in the middle of the night. Lacey and Larkin were maltreated and threatened, but they chose to fight on by taking the issue to the United State Court of Appeal with a demand of $3.75 million for the encroachment of their rights. The judgment of the court absolutely went their way, so they became $3.75 million richer over night.

Lacey and Larkin proved they are men overwhelmed with seeing innocent men and women live in liberty rather than enlarging their bank accounts. They took no dine out of the money, but instead, devote it completely to assisting civil right groups in Arizona and beyond. There is no better way to be generous and magnanimous than this.

In fact, the group of NAACP members listening to the story stood up clapping with tears flowing from their eyes. It was as if Lacey and Larkin was in front of the gathering, and the audience appreciating them for what they did. Although many members were more touched by the decision to devote the money to the cause of civil liberty, yet there were other things to learn from the story.

Many NAACP members pledged to henceforth expose any form of atrocities or decimations against colored people just as Lacey and Larkin did. From all indications, most of the attendees of the seminar resolved to pay whatever price required to winning the war against racism. They all long to meet and take pictures with these two heroes – Lacey and Larkin.

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