UKV PLC Details Out The French Wine Appellation System

Understanding French wine is a complex task. The complex nature of production and labeling of French wines overwhelms everybody including the best wine connoisseurs. The first step to understanding French wines is getting knowledge about their appellation system. Contrary to majority opinions, wines from France don’t have the grape variety printed on the label. Instead, the labels are written according to the place of origin.

Labeling based on the region of origin is legislation by the French government to regulate winemaking processes. But what is the benefit of labeling based on origin? This idea is borrowed from the French concept terroir, which considers the effect of climate, soil, topography, attitude and local tradition on the quality of the wine. An experienced French Connoisseurs will argue that the place of origin of the wine is as essential as the type of grapes used.

Although wine is produced in many regions of France, Burgundy, Loire, and Bordeaux are the primary producing zones. For Burgundy red wine, red pinot varieties are used while for white wine; Chardonnay grapes are used. Bordeaux wines are red, and there are more than 10,000 producers in the region. Champagne is produced in Northeastern France while Loire is produced along the Loire River.


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