UKV PLC Creates A Guide For France’s Wine Producing Regions

UKV PLC has come out with a brief article that details what you should know about French wines. The independent wine company is based in England and helps its clients invest in luxury wines as an asset.

Connoisseurs of wine can also utilize UKV PLC to help them obtain some of the world’s most sought after wines. You can reach UKV PLC through their website, by phone or in person at their office. As an independent wine company and with a team of experts on its staff, UKV PLC has the knowledge, ability and freedom to help its clients navigate the wine markets.

The Basics That You Should Know When It Comes To Selecting French Wines For Investment Or Consumption

The first thing you should know when selecting a French wine is that French wines are classified according to the region where it was produced. This is known as the appellation system. Most other wines, are labeled by the kind of grape that is used to produce the wine. The French believe that terroir is the most important factor in the making of a wine. Terroir refers to the soil, climate, topography and tradition of where the grapes were grown and how the wine was made. It is believed that these factors influence the taste and quality of a wine.

There are four main wine producing regions or appellations in France. They are Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne and Loire. Burgundy is on the east of France, while Bourdeux is an Atlantic province. Champagne is a region in Northeast France and where the original Champagne wine originated. Loire refers to wine made in the Loire River Valley.

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