Traders Place at The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a non-government organization. William Bonner was the founder of both Agora Inc and The Oxford Club. It started in 1989 and was known as Passport Club. It was renamed as The Oxford Club in 1991. Its headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland. It is an international network of experienced and trustworthy entrepreneurs and investors. The organization is very selective but then also it has 157,000 members across 130 countries. It provides opportunities globally and the strategies to compete in the market and earn wealth.


The Oxford Club’s main aim is to protect its members’ wealth and has been doing it successfully for three decades. The Oxford Club has an educational arm known as Investment U. On the internet it was the first financial education site. It has been successful due to its wise strategies and principles. It does not promise that investment will be successful and is not responsible for any loss. But if working according to its strategies then there is the least risk and most of the time you will be successful, maybe sometimes it’s unfortunate and lost but investors should not stop by that loss because finally, you’ll be successful.


The Oxford Club has mainly four type of investment strategies. First one is A Well-Balanced Investment Diet. It is not good to buy different stocks instead of one because it can’t be predicted that the stocks you bought will rise high so always invest a small amount and after observing the market. Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds and bonds proof to be used with minimum risk and investments should be made for a short period of time. Always have an exit strategy. The Oxford Club never suggests investing without a proper exit plan. They know how to win and reduce the loss cost. Be aware of that how much should be invested.


The Oxford Club applies position sizing formula to know that how much should be invested in a particular stock on the basis of risk. Don’t be fascinated by any bond as it never remains the same. Cut Your Investment Cost. The Oxford Club reduces back-end load, front-end load and other fees by which the returns could be increased.

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