The Surprising success of an Investor and corporate Lawyer Michael Hagele

Working Experience

Michael Hagele has vast knowledge experiences and skills when it comes to legal technology. He attended the University of California where he was awarded a law degree. He provides general counsel to clients from technology companies, internet, aerospace, biotechnology, and telecommunication fields. Michael has negotiated, drafted, and closed several negotiations internationally and domestically. He has interacted with many customers who have expanded him to many legal areas.

Before starting his practice, Michael Hagele served as a general counsel for venture capital companies. Here his main functions were corporate governance, employment issues, mergers, and other general legal issues. He states that as an in-house attorney, he was able to learn more regarding legal technology. Learn more about Michael at Crunchbase.


Starting his practice

Michael Hagele realized that starting a small legal practice as an independent attorney was an ideal chance to interact with clients. This would equip him with direct client relations. Thus, he made sure that his legal services were easily accessible and affordable for many clients. He would offer quality and convenient facilities to his technology clients but at affordable costs.

Entrepreneurial skills

Michael is one of the few successful individuals who possess entrepreneurial skills in his practice. He stated that in such a competitive and harsh environment, you have to come up with a way to attract clients and distinguish yourself from your close competitors. As a result, he decided that quality provision of services and effective treatment of clients would be his priority. Once he set that, he was able to eliminate the competitive environment.

Michael goes on to state that consistency has led to his successful career. This is a common phrase to all the successful entrepreneurs.

His daily tasks start by handling general matters, intellectual property issues, and consultancy regarding legal technology. After that, he starts making contracts such as technology licensing agreement. He then develops a paradigm to solve the problems at hand.

He advocates for body exercise. He likes riding bikes and lifting weights. He states that having a healthy body refreshes your mind and it has health benefits.

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