The Success of Securus Technologies in Association with its CEO-Rick Smith

The chief executive officer seat is a very sensitive position in the company. Most employees always hope and work for this post all their life. Very few get to see this day in their life. The Board of Directors is cautious in who they hand in the seat of the firm. An exclusive research has to be done on the individual and a background check on the individual. This is not all; a CEO must be well conversant with the technical part of the company. This means a good experience and an excellent academic background. The success of the business is associated with the chief executive officer of the company. Anything negative like a bad criminal record is used by the competitors to bring down the firm. Read more on

Rick Smith was able to meet all the qualifications and assumed office as the Securus Technologies in 2008. The company has been making major development steps since his reign commenced. The company is highly ranked in the high technology provision world. No competitors have been able to match their devices.

Securus Technologies is serving a very vast client list. The company has 3400 prominent corporations, 2600 correctional facilities, and more than a million inmates depending on them. They have a duty to the nation, to ensure that everyone is safe.

Rick Smith Securus has especially improved the life of the convicts. Through the devices that he has availed in the detentions, they can now keep in touch with their relatives with no inconveniences. The detainees say that this has made jail life, less stressful. The affection they receive from the relatives when in jail, is what encourages them to reform and join their relatives.

Rick Smith loves videos. He has transferred this passion in his work to help the inmates. This is by inventing gadgets that allow video calls between inmates and relatives during visiting hours. Rick Smith has eliminated the time wasted in queues waiting to see the convict. Friends and relatives can now book a visit early in advance.


Rick Smith has been able to perform his duties efficiently because of his level of education and experience. Before he joined Securus Technologies, Smith was serving as the Eschelon-Telkom Company CEO. It is worthwhile to note that he joined Eschelon as a mere employee. With hard work and competence, he got the promotion. The company went through a significant transition during this time. Their initial $30 million revenue raised to $350 million.

In the education department, Smith is well equipped. Rick Smith has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in Mathematics and Engineering. He also has an MBA.

This combination is what has helped him take the company to high levels. Securus Technologies is hopeful that Rick Smith will lead the firm to greatness. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.