The Oxford Club, A Prime Source Of Information For Your Financial Freedom

One of the prime sources of educational material associated with The Oxford Club is a daily newsletter by the name of Investment U. The newsletter is free and provides information in many forms via conferences, videos course and other forms of medium to offer a power source for people who are seeking how to gain true financial freedom. The Oxford Club’s mission is to truly answer the question to the best of their ability through the Investment U news letter. The newsletter was formulated in 1999 and was known to be one of the first sources of independent of financial education by way of a web site. “Liberty through wealth” is what the Oxford Club’s label for individuals who seek true financial freedom.


The Oxford Club also has a premium version of the Investment U newsletter, know as Investment Plus and it has great things for the subscribers to take advantage of things such as great stock recommendations for them to gain an edge of the top stories of the day. The recommendations are generated from highly, renowned experts, who are former top-selling authors along with portfolio managers who once operated in Wall Street, Fox Business regulars, advanced technical analysts, Fox Business and CNBC regulars and more.


The newsletter is just one strong point of the Oxford Club, however the club is composed of a strong, private entity that houses a formal international network of entrepreneurs, business professionals and investors. For over two decades a large variety of phenomenal circumstances have allowed the Oxford Club to succeed in its mission to help facilitate actionable methods to help its 80,000 members guard and obtain extraordinary wealth.


The Oxford Club affords its members great wealth opportunities by procuring the premium opportunities located outside the main press and the opportunities must be low risk in nature and yield the best profit potential to share with their members. One thing about the newsletter is that it is just a source of good information and that the information provided should be considered as information only and not as advice of any kind.


As mentioned, by selecting opportunities with a high profit potential paired with low risk the Oxford Club continues this method throughout their investment strategies. When it comes to investing, the Oxford Club believes that their investors should follow the path of diversification to maintain the low risk factor.


The Oxford Club is an organization that anyone should look into if you are going to have any dealings with investing of any kind. Anyone can gain by taking advantage of the all the information provided by an investment rich organization located in Baltimore, Maryland.