The Journey To The Top With Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a company that has stood out for the kind of services that they provide. The company first opened for business in 1998 and since then has transformed into being one of the top investment and asset management firms in the entire country. The company is known for taking unconventional routes to success and has implemented a number of out of the box developments for the overall benefit of the clients that come to them. The company has a brilliant reputation for the work that they do and has repeatedly demonstrated that they are the ones to set the standards within the financial industry. When Fortress Investment Group first came into the financial sector, people looked forward to what the company would bring to the table. Since its inception, the company stood out because of the people that were running it. Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone were the three financialists who decided to put together their knowledge and experience to create a company that could rival some of the biggest names at the time.

All three of the founding members were already well established within the field. They had been working for big names and had spent years building up their careers to reach a point where they could say that they are the leaders of a large company. One of the reasons why the company has grown to become the well-known name that it currently is is because of the work ethic that the company follows. At Fortress Investment Group, the client is always put first in every endeavor that is being undertaken. The company has been working towards improving the businesses of all the clients that come to them, which is why they have employed some of the best professionals in the industry to help out the clients that come to them. These professionals work closely with the clients, the business and providing them with solutions that can fit the financial needs that they have and the queries that they have brought to them.

By implementing a policy where the customer receives the best care possible, the company has become a name that is synonymous with good investment and asset management services.Growing and adapting to market trends is always an important part of any business. It is always essential for a company to be able to consistently develop and grow, which is something that the company has been able to brilliantly do. The company first experienced a change in its inner workings when the leaders of the company decided to take Fortress Investment Group public. Back in 2006, not a lot of companies that were involved with investment and asset management would appear on the New York Stock Exchange, mainly because they all functioned like private sector companies. The company leaders knew that if they wanted the company to stand out from the rest, they would have to do something that no one else has done before, which was to go public, becoming the first investment firm in America to do so.