The Impact of Hussain Sajwani On the Middle East and Regional Areas

Hussain Sajwani grew up learning the value of hard work, although he might not have realized it at the time. He worked long hours after school, helping his father with the family business which was a variety store. The job required that the young Hussain work long hours which made him very tired for school the next day. He complained that when he grew up he would become a professional instead of a businessman so that he would be able to work regular hours.

While attending the University of Washington in America, he studied Engineering and Economics, and after graduation he returned to Dubai and went to work for a local gas company. It was not long, however, when he struck out on his own and formed a catering company that sold food to the US Army and related companies during the Gulf War. The company was very successful in its own right and is still doing business to this date.

According to, it was not too long after the war that the United Arab Emirates allowed foreign individuals to purchase property in the Emirates. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to Sajwani and he formed DAMAC Properties, Inc., a land development and real estate company. His apartments were of the highest end and most luxurious of them all because he knew that there would be lots of people immigrating to the Emirates with lots of money.

His business model was very unique. He always paid cash for the land because that way there could never be a foreclosure where he would lose the property. Each property has its own bank account and accounting system. That way each project would stand on its own validity. Obviously it was a definite formula for success and it has worked well for Sajwani. For more info, visit this link.

Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) has become one of the most respected businessmen in the Middle East. DAMAC Properties is a symbol of integrity and quality. DAMAC is widely respected in business circles and has even participated in partnerships with Donald Trump with several Golf Resorts in the region.

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