The Iconic Figure Behind The Renaissance of Tidal – Desiree Perez

Desiree (Des) Perez is the Executive behind ROC Nation. She operates a music streaming service called Tidal, collectively with Jay Brown (her spouse), Chaka Pilgrim, Jana Fleischman and TyTy Smith. Perez is a member of the same group that also includes the collective operators of Tidal. The group is called the Hova Circle of Influence and its operators all control ROC Nation and its complementary junior branches, publishing and label operations. Perez has been a close acquaintance to the renowned celebrity and one of the Co-Founders of Tidal, Jay Z for over 20 years. Perez has gained much attention recently with her impressive revolutionizing work with Tidal.

With her prominent and extraordinary role in managing the SC Enterprises, Des Perez was known to be extremely adept with her remarkable skills in management and negotiation. Perez was able to utilize her skills well when inside sources had named her for being able to negotiate the Beyoncé Formation stadium tour. Insiders also claimed that she was actively involved in the Rihanna Samsung deal. Her strong and admirable persona, ambitiousness and passion in her work had inspired the New York Daily News to nickname her as ‘Babe Ruthless.’ These qualities were the main reason for Tidal’s recent breakthrough with its services.

Tidal was not excelling even remotely high as it is currently doing within the music streaming industry, thanks to the major contributions and efforts enforced by Desiree Perez. In the past, Tidal was enduring a terrible period of low numbers of users and frequent management shifts. At present, however, Perez has built up Tidal’s music services with loads of exciting modifications with the release of a few consecutive, first-ever album releases from its premier co-owner artists. The exclusive talents presented on Tidal included Beyoncé, T.I, Rihanna and Kanye West. With these significant events, the Tidal application was able to secure a peak position in the iTunes Store. Tidal had further gained over a million new trial members. The music service is expected to mount up the ladder of success even more as a range of other changes are expected to enhance the music experience for its members.

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