The Exceptional, Unique And Innovative Doe Deere

Since 2008, Doe Deere and her company, Lime Crime has been leading the way in developing and producing beauty products of of all types using only vegan ingredients and cruelty free testing. Extravagant shades and lush colors make for a stlyey-flashy, outgoing and highly positive look. And, obviously a big part of the company’s success. The beauty line is all about freedom of, and in, self-expression. Being the real you.


As Doe Deere states in her April of 2018 interview with Stylist Magazine of the United Kingdom, “Everyone now realizes that we don’t have to conform. Being different is actually awesome … the brand is all about owning your difference.” Well said, DD. She went on to say, “To me, personally, individuality means being fearlessly and unapologetically yourself.”


Lime Crime adores all their customers. Especially their interactions with them on Instagram. The company focuses on their customers creativity with their products and always loves to hear their ideas on new products and improving existing ones. This, along with building up momentum and excitement for up and coming products are two other key element’s of Lime Crime’s explosion into the beauty and fashion scene.


Lime Crime’s achievement of the “cult” status is no small victory. With hit products such as their Pocket Candy Palette vibrant eyeshadows, Diamond Crusher lip topper for a nice glitter, Metallic Velvatine liquid lipstick for a matte finish, Chromatic Pop-On Nails for an easy but eye-catching set of cat claws, the very highly recommended Venus: Grunge Palette for easy blend eyeshadows, and, of course, who could go with out a few sticks of the ever-famous Unicorn lipstick. And, be sure to keep an eye out for their new, up and coming Venus III eyeshadow palette for all your shades of purple, Lime Crime offers all these and many, many more products. They have everything you need to express yourself in any and every way possible. And, though they’ve had their own challenges, Doe Deere and Lime Crime view them as opportunities to keep pushing ahead and improving their beauty products and grow as a team. If entrepreneurship is your passion, watch for the need of the market and stay innovative. Make your dreams a reality.


Lime Crime’s Mission Statement: Rebellion In Color. A bold mission statement for a bold company. Tell your own story with Lime Crime’s beauty products. Let your unique creativity and inner beauty come to the fore-front. Be bold. Be unique. Be confident. Be you. Learn more:¬†