Stream Energy Pledges to Help Texas With New Charity

Residents of Houston remember what it was like to watch their neighborhoods disappear underneath nearly five feet of flood water. Hurricane Harvey devastated the region and made the need for donations and volunteering absolutely necessary in or to get those communities back on their feet. A few hours away, in Dallas, Stream Energy was actively sending money to the recovery effort and finding ways to cut energy costs for those in affected areas.

Stream Energy has a long tradition of carrying out philanthropic efforts. It’s so common throughout the company that they’ve made the decision to open up a new charity, Stream Cares. This will organize charitable functions, build new partnerships with charities and further relationships with existing partners. It’s a way to boost financial donations, increase volunteering from employees, and give them a say in where to direct their attention.

Stream Energy has developed a working partnership with charities like the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity in support of local charities. With the new office, it’s expected that many more charities will be willing to work to help Texans in need.

For several years now, Hope Supply Co. has been a ready partner in an effort to combat homelessness in Dallas. Together with Stream Energy they provided more than 1,000 homeless children with free meals and a day of fun at a water park. They covered all expenses and provided the children with supplies and financial assistance that their families need.

When tornadoes touched down on Northern Texas in December 2016, Stream Energy partnered with the Salvation Army. They matched donations into the thousands, helping families and small businesses get back to daily life.

Senior Event Manager, Kimberly Girard, released a statement discussing the need for Stream Cares. In it, she writes that charity have been central to the company’s identity, but they were in need of a way to apply strategy to their giving and volunteering.

This is a break from many businesses in the state of Texas. In a ranking of charitable giving by state, Texas consistently ranks near the bottom of the nation. In being more proactive with their philanthropic efforts, Stream Energy aims to set an example and a near standard for giving back among Texas businesses.