Spotlight on the American Institute of Architects

     Robert Ivy was born in the district of Columbia in the United States. Mr. holds a prestigious position as the executive vice president as well as the CEO of AIA having been appointed in 2011.The company delights in excellent services encouraging citizens to be members so as to access quality services and products.He is an exceptional professional having struggled his way to the top. His academic qualifications include a Bachelors degree in English from South University and a masters degree in Architecture having studied in the Tulane University.

The AIA made a ten-year commitment to integrate health and architecture by developing technological solutions as well as designs in the industry. This step was to address various challenges and sustaining population welfare in the country. This way will allow for funding of different ventures in the industry.This move was to help complete stalled projects and hasten their completion to bring impact in the health industry.

Mr. Ivy’s career began in 1996 where he held an editor in chief position of the Architectural record. Ivy worked at McGraw-Hill as the vice president and the editorial director, he also became a juror on architectural panels. As of 1981 to 1996 he held a principal’s position at Dean/Dale and also a national publication commentator.

Over the years Mr. Robert earned architectural record many merits including the National Magazine Award of General Excellence. He also earned a total of seven rewards and 26 Jesse awards. In 2009 and 2010 he was awarded the Crain award and named the Master architect respectively.

Mr. Robert believes there is great potential and success that lies in the future of architecture. He believes that architects can make the great impact not only on their capacities. In his interview, he expounded on the importance of a building having the capacity to promote wellness of the people in the building. The building must focus on the access to the sun and fresh air as well as proper hygiene and sanitation to improve public health.

Mr. Ivy’s biography was published in 2001 gained great popularity having been reprinted a couple of times to the third edition, as it showcases many of the scholar achievements of his architectural career.

Mr. Robert Ivy has a great portfolio of social media with both facebook and twitter accounts which are key in airing all his views and projects to the public. He has been able to communicate needs of the public such as rebuilding infrastructure effectively.