Southridge Capital is a phenomenal financial advisory firm for public companies.

Southridge Capital was founded by Stephen Hicks who is also the Chief Executive Officer for the company. Southridge Capital is mainly focused on enhancing the financial infrastructure of a company by providing both structured and advisory services for public companies. Southridge capital is equipped with the principal executive arm who have a vast knowledge about the market and continuously work towards delivering beyond the expectations of clients. For over a decade, Southridge Capital has funded over 250 companies that are publicly owned and also made a direct investment of $1.8 billion in global companies in their initial stages of growth. Southridge capital is well versed with the obstacles that most startup companies are likely to face and has formulated strategies to help corporate leaders counter these obstacles. The process of a company going public could be a critical issue for many companies that are starting up, and Southridge Capital has the expertise in such areas.  You can visit for more details.



The management of balance sheets to optimum levels and application of individual budgetary techniques are also among the fields of knowledge for Southridge Capital. The advisory services offered by Southridge Capital cover an extensive area such as analyses of the finances of the company, helping companies to maintain a balance between their equity and credits. Also, Southridge Capital links a client with the appropriate business model they are looking for and acts as a sole agent in the mergers and acquisition process. A company in need of a restructuring strategy will indeed find in Southridge Capital, a valued partner concerning the issue as the firm is designed to provide clients with the restructuring solution that would produce the best outcome. Public companies facing bankruptcy can also turn to Southridge Capital for advice and even a restructured way to emerge victors from their bankruptcy situation. Southridge Capital also has the reputation of making the world a better place through the efforts of philanthropy and the community work that it promotes. The company contributes to charities and other non-profit organizations and also focus on ventures that support positive growth among the people in the society. To see more you can check out