Sightsavers On Trachoma’s End In Ghana

Sightsavers has one vision ,and that one vision is defined through the kind acts of showing compassion to humanity. They dedicate their humanity work to making sure no one lives a life without eyesight and where people with disabilities are able to be equal active members of society. This organization strives to help those affected by avoidable blindness, they encourage equality amongst all people and working with governments to aid people in need.


Since 2000, Sightsavers has been working in Ghana to help the people their affected by an avoidable form of blindness. Ghana like dozens of countries share one thing in common: cases of trachoma in millions of people. Nearly two hundred million people live with trachoma. Recently, Ghana has accomplished something for their citizens that many other countries are aiming to accomplish as well.


Ghana is the fist Sub-Saharan nation in Africa to rid its residents of trachoma. The World Health Organization made the big announcement to the world in June of 2018. This breakthrough of Ghana has set a trend for other African countries to follow by eliminating this preventable disease.


Trachoma is caused by infected flies. When those flies come into contact with humans, they spread the disease to the human. This diseases is associated with poverty and consuming uncleaned water. The bacteria starts out as an infection and if the infection is not treated, the eyelids begin to flip inwards, affecting eyesight.


Simon Bush, the director of Neglected Tropical Diseases, for Sightsavers commented on the momentous history-making medical accomplishment. He mentioned the success to ending trachoma was due to a collaborative effort of determination and hard work from organizations, governments, individuals and funders to make this dream come a reality. Although trachoma has been a disease for a very long time that has had cures available, about two million people in Ghana were living with this very treatable and painful disease. The director spoke on how the global effort of so many people coming together have cured the blind eyes of so many people there in Ghana. He spoke about celebrating this moment but also mentioned for the world to not forget about the millions of others who still live with trachoma. The director spoke on how he is going to make sure Sightsavers helps these countries still facing trachoma treat their people of this disease, as well as other treatable tropical diseases.