Securus technologies deploys advances wireless control to save lives

Securus Technologies, the nation’s leading provider of prison communications and security solutions, has recently announced its first campaign to widely market and distribute its ground-breaking Wireless Containment Solution system. The proprietary device and accompanying software has been in development for years and has been distributed on a trial basis to a number of select institutions. The success from these programs has been so overwhelming that Securus has chosen to cut the beta-testing period short and get the product to market as quickly as possible, where it can save lives and dramatically reduce serious security threats to the nation’s prisons.



Gangs are no match for STINGRAY


Securus’ Wireless Containment Solution product is based on devices that were originally developed for intercepting, jamming and spoofing enemy communications in the urban warfare environments of Iraq and Afghanistan known as STINGRAY systems. It so happens that many of the threats faced by prison staff, who are constantly combating the organized criminal activity of gangs, have high degrees of symmetry with the threats faced by troops and intelligence personnel in urban war zones. It was first hypothesized in the mid-2000s that many of the technologies that worked so effectively to disrupt enemy mobilization and communication could be deployed with equal effect within U.S. prisons as well as crime-prone inner-city environments.


Companies like Securus, no matter how well-intentioned, open themselves to being attacked by critics as militarizing the police, war profiteering and other such invective. While some of these claims may have abstract merit, there are real people who risk their lives everyday keeping America’s prisons safe and its citizens protected. It has always been Securus’ philosophy that the lives of prison staff and the prisoners themselves come before politics or public relations.


Like with a trial of a revolutionary new drug, it was determined through careful analysis that Securus’ Wireless Containment Solution system was causing such a dramatic reduction in unauthorized cellular use that Securus has decided to summarily end the trial period and get this technology into the hands of those who need it most, America’s brave and hard-working prison guards.



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