Securus Technologies Building Technology That Would Keep Drones Away From Prisons

Securus Technologies has for long been one of the prominent correctional firms that offer a wide range of correctional services that are reliable, affordable, and technologically advanced. The Securus Technologies has ensured that it continues to stay on top of the penitentiary food chain by providing the best and the most secure technologies to the law enforcement and correctional agencies. The Securus Technologies is not only the leader in delivering correctional products and services, but also offers investigative technologies that are of immense help to the law enforcement agencies.


The good thing about Securus Technologies has always been the fact that it continues to invest millions into developing new and transformative technologies that can change the dynamics of present-day technology. The corrections space has been technologically dormant for many years and needed reviving poorly. It is when Securus Technologies entered to change the realm entirely with its technologies, whether it is investigative technology, inmate communication services, payment processing services, and more. The company also introduces new technologies from time to time to ensure that the company has an advantage over other companies that are active in the correctional sphere. Securus Technologies has recently introduced many new products and services to help the law enforcement and corrections officers to work freely without any hindrances.


One of the latest technologies that Securus Technologies launched is the drone detection technology. In the last few years, the incident of drones being used to transport contraband inside the prison has been increasing at an alarming rate. It has caused a lot of problems for the law enforcement agencies, which has been trying hard to keep the contraband supplies away from the prisons. The friends and other criminals of the inmates have found that the small drones that are fast and smart can be used tactfully to supply items inside without the knowledge of the law enforcement officers. It is one of the most significant contributing factors as to how the influx of contraband items has increased inside the prison in the last several years.


The drone detection technology is still in the testing phase, but the company is confident about its efficiency and believes that more and more correctional firms should come forward to try it on their premise. When the drone detection technology is installed and activated, any drone that is moving towards the prison facility happens under the radar of the drone detection technology. It is how the drone would be detected and not allowed to enter the area. The security officers on the ground would be notified of the presence of drone as well along with its location so that the drone can be hit and neutralized. Securus Technologies is confident of drone detection technology and its scope in the future.