Sawyer Howitt: Meriwether’s Next Big Entrepreneur

Based out of Portland, the Meriweather Group does what they can to help people who need capital and other resources while they are trying to get their ideas off the ground. The company has worked hard to be able to serve these entrepreneurs and to make things better for the people who they work with. The company was a startup many years ago and has grown to include many different positive things. They now function as a corporation and they are able to help people with all of the issues that they have in their entrepreneurial pursuits. The Meriwether Group employs people who are experts in their fields and who have a lot of experience with entrepreneurship. They work to make sure that they have people who are on staff and can connect with others who are doing similar things to be able to make everything better for the clients of the group.

As the Meriwether Group has grown, so has their opportunities for success. The company works hard to make sure that they are showing people what they can do and that they are giving them all of the options that they need. Sawyer Howitt, whose father owns the Meriweather Group, is the latest in a list of great project managers who have been able to make a difference for the group. He does what he can to help people out with the options that they need to get started in the business and with different areas that they are a part of.


Despite the fact that Sawyer Howitt was still in high school when he started with the Meriwether Group, he has been an influential project manager. He has made a great connection with people who are in the younger age group and has been able to show them what he is capable of in the company. By doing all of this, Sawyer Howitt has had a chance to make a huge difference in the company so that he can help other people get exactly what they need while they are working to grow their business or make their ideas a reality.