Sahm Adrangi and profiting From Ad Fraud

Sahm Adrangi delivered a presentation at the Kase Short Selling conference with his topic focusing on Ad Fraud. This conference had been in high demand for individuals who seek opportunities in profiting from short selling activities in the market. Sahm Adrangi built the company Kerrisdale Capital from a small startup into a company worth 180 million today. It was a company that was built up through short selling. Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital began getting recognition in 2010 for identifying and shorting numerous fraudulent companies operating in China. The companies focus has been on U.S. companies.

Sahm Adrangi and his company share research on the company’s website and invite individuals to visit and subscribe to the research. The company also posts information on Seeking Alpha and post on Twitter. One of the most recent short selling opportunities Kerrisdale Capital has discussed is a company St. Joe, a company that develops land in the Floridian Panhandle. The company’s research suggests that the market value of St. Joe is worth half of what it is. Another company Sahm Adrangi mentioned shorting was proteome basis biotech.

Sahm Adrangi focus at the conference was to discuss ad fraud. An example of ad fraud is a company displaying ads on a fake website with no traffic going to the sites, but the ads are still being viewed by computers, thus stealing ad money from advertising companies. Another example is ads that tagging things. This will cause multiple videos to be played and each video charges the online advertiser purchaser, even though not every video is being viewed. Greater ad fraud means advertising companies will spend substantially less on online ads and will sap revenue from genuine editors. If there is twenty-five percent of traffic to the sites because of just computers clicking the ads, this can provide a short=seller with an opportunity to benefit