Ryan Seacrest The Man Who Does It All

There is little doubt that Ryan Seacrest is a man that wears many hats. He is an on-air talent, a businessman with his own clothing line as well as the man behind the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. All of this and yet many people know very little about the actual man. Ryan Seacrest may seem like an unapproachable god, but the truth of the matter is that he is just like you and me, the one difference being that he is in hot demand on television. That being said, you talk to him and you soon realize that he is a man that never forgot where he has come from and is grateful for all of the success that he has had over the years.

Regardless of if it is on his radio show (his latest is On Air With Ryan) or on American Idol or even a cameo in a movie, Ryan Seacrest is never bored and never has a lack of things going on in his life. All of the things that he is involved in and yet he still has time to sign autographs for a fan or to stop and talk about any number of subjects. When you talk about Ryan Seacrest, you are talking about the heart and soul of New York and this is wfashhy so many people in the Big Apple love him. According to the Hollywood Reporter, when American Idol was canceled a few years back, many wondered if he would lose some traction in Hollywood, the opposite actually happened and he became more of a sought out person. Live with Kelly and Ryan has become one of the highest rated daytime shows in a long time.

There is also Distinction /Polish which is his fashion line that is sold through Macy’s department stores. Many of the clothes that are sold in this line were designed by Ryan himself and he was involved in every step of the process of creating the clothing line. All of the above-mentioned activities and he also is a large part of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which gives hope to kids that are in children’s hospitals. No matter what you might think, there is no stopping Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) and the many things that he is involved in.

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