Ryan Seacrest Is One Guy Who We Should All Look Up To

As Ryan Seacrest speaks in front of a camera, we see a man who effortlessly fills the role of host. However, the job is not really an easy job. He makes it look easy because he is good at it. There are a lot of things that go on in his career that we don’t see that are necessary for the role to be filled. It is a hard job and to keep his sanity, confidence, health and well-being, Ryan Seacrest goes hard when it comes to diets and workouts.

According to abc.go.com, you really have to look up to a guy like Ryan Seacrest for taking care of his well-being and being conscientious about his appearance. Nowadays, people in the media are saying that it is okay to be overweight and obese. Many of the people who say this are overweight and obese, themselves. In a way, it is good that people are saying that it is okay to be heavy because the media has pushed the idea that being too skinny is ideal. However, it is actually extremely destructive to endorse being overweight or obese because it gives an excuse for people to not take care of themselves, pursue unhealthy habits without care and act as bad examples to their loved ones. Business of Fashion mentioned that we need people like Ryan Seacrest in the world to show that, yes, we shouldn’t be too skinny, but we also can’t let ourselves blow up like balloons.

Guys like radio show host Ryan Seacrest remind us that we really have to keep ourselves up, and that there comes a point where it really isn’t acceptable to neglect yourself, see the consequences of neglecting yourself and be “okay with it.” There are morbidly obese celebrities who try to make the neglect that they subjected their bodies to sound cute by saying things like, “I’m happy when I’m fat” and “My health is none of your business.” Some celebrities try to normalize bodily neglect by saying how sexually attractive it is to be obese. There is no doubt that some people in society are using this as an excuse to justify their unhealthy diets and lifestyles.

Watch this video of Ryan Seacrest: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4h_3qTOIUnUX8KCICRM3A