Peter Briger’s Success at the Fortress Investment Group LLC

Peter Lionel Briger or Pete Briger is the Co-Chairman and President of Fortress Investment Group. He is one of the Principal and also the Head of the Real Estate and Credit Business of the firm. He likewise holds the Co-Chairman of the Board and Director positions since August 2009 November 2006 respectively.Pete Briger finished Business Administration at the Princeton University, and earned his Master’s in Business Administration Degree at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.During the course of his professional life in investments and finance, Peter Briger built a reputation for himself as a dedicated executive and an extremely proficient leader. His other accomplishment includes being a Partner at the Goldman, Sachs and Co. where he served for fifteen years. While he was employed at Goldman Sachs, Pete Briger was part of several committees such as the Japan Executive Committee, the Global Control and Compliance Committee, and the Asian Management Committee. He similarly occupied several leadership positions within the firms where he was appointed to co-lead the following teams: the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business, the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, the Asian Distressed Debt Business, the Special Opportunities Fund LLC (Asia), and the Asian Real Este Private Equity Business.

At present, Peter Briger is still a Co-Chairman and Principal of the Fortress investment Group LLC. He established and manages the Fortress Credit Business. The team at Fortress is composed of over three hundred employees, staff and personnel. The company has stakes in illiquid credit investments, distress assets, and undervalued assets. Besides his positions and responsibilities at Fortress Investment Group, Pete Briger holds a seat on the Board of Directors of the Investment Company of the Princeton University. He likewise supports the Central Bank Conservancy. As for his philanthropic activities, Pete Briger regularly gives to social and community causes. Relevant to this he belongs to the Leadership Council of the Silicon Valley’s Global Fund for Children. He is similarly a council member on Foreign Relations for a nonpartisan association that pursues to endorse a broader comprehension of issues about foreign policies in the midst of elected officials and their constituents.

Peter Briger’s total compensation at Fortress Investment Group was reported to be $23,242,140. Out of the cited total his salary was $200,000, the bonus he got amounted to $22,388, 729, he was given $277,669 in warded stock, and other kinds of compensations amounted to $475,742. The figures given are based on the proxy statements filed by Fortress for the fiscal year of 2015. In 2008, Peter Briger was listed in the Forbes Billionaires’ list with a rank of 962. Due to all his financial success Peter Briger offered to provide backup for the Princeton Entrepreneurship Program with two others who are Princeton graduates. His goal in starting the program is to provide funds for startup companies and new entrepreneurs of the Princeton alumni. The program will assist in making ideas a tangible reality. Every suitable candidate will be given $100,000. Since Peter Briger’s entrepreneurial journey has been quite a success, he is likewise intent on helping others attain their respective entrepreneurial objectives.