Paul Herdsman: Co-Founder And COO Of NICE Global


When looking for a business solutions provider, it is good to go with a company which is tried and tested. You need to have a provider who cares about your business. With very many companies outsourcing services, business solutions providers are having a great time getting business. However, it is upon the companies demanding services to partner with the right providers. One of the companies which are doing very well in customer service is known as NICE Global. This company is offering professional services in a way that leaves clients. The company has been established on the foundation of providing the highest possible quality of services.


Paul Herdsman is the founder of NICE Global. He is one of the people who has made sure that companies looking for outsources services can get them. NICE Global was created in 2013, but Paul Herdsman has even more experience in matters of customer service. He realized that he was good with customer services delivery while he was in working with other organizations. Paul Herdsman realized that he could come up with unique ideas which would transform many businesses out there.


Paul Herdsman saw the ideas he was sharing in his previous organizations, were helping the companies to create a good impression among the customers. After seeing what was happening, he realized that he could share the ideas with many people around the world and make them achieve the results they so much desired. Since herdsman created ICE Global, there is nothing he can regret about. Read This Article for more information.


The company has grown rapidly. Today, it enjoys numerous clients from different countries. In the period that he has been in the industry, Paul Herdsman has made significant contributions to struggling companies by ensuring that they accomplish the aim goals of a success business. NICE Global uses customer services as a way of retaining customers.