NGP VAN Highlighting Data Advantages Over Republicans

From the video, Amanda Coulombe the General Manager of Organizing in NGP VAN kicked off proceedings highlighting the topic of the forum as “Building the future for collaborative data to keep beating the republicans” went on to introduce a panel of data gurus to discuss the issue on how to improve the networking in the political community for democrats success. The conference consisted of players in the analytical industry like Matthew Saniie an analyst in Blue chips lab consulting firm that handles data in on profit organisations, government amongst others. He’s had experience in this field since 2007, from the Obama campaign and still going strong till date. Another member of the talk was the CTO of NGP VAN John Lee. who also kicked off his analytics career around the same year as Matt, Kassia Devorsey is data guru who networks with different organisations like NGO’s mostly that are politically inclined in different countries like the UK and US and has recently collaborated with NGP VAN to make sure the future agenda is a success. Amongst the panel was Josh Hendler a former CTO of DNC. Where is spent a large period of his time before going on to become the CTO of purpose the politically inclined analytics company, he has overseen successful campaigns like the John Carrier campaign and has gathered a wealth of knowledge across politics, technology and data since 2004.

The first group of questions were on analytics specifically on the democrats data advantage over the republicans. Amanda went on to ask Josh Handler the former CTO of DNC on what he thinks and he we elaborate on the fact that there was no unified way of sharing data between the national, state party and the local campaigns. Around 2004 there was no means of sharing this data but through the efforts of DNC and NGP VAN there were methods to share these data effectively between national and state party. Secondly, was the creation of a unified voting platform installed through Collaboration between DNC and NGP VAN avoiding confusions of different state platforms.