NGP VAN: Connect Easier

NGP VAN is a platform for progressive candidates to organize their campaigns. From presidential candidates to local grassroots leaders, every campaign can benefit from NGP VAN’s impressive program.

The software has a variety of important features which set it apart from competitors. For example, NGP VAN has revolutionized door to door canvassing, which is still the most effective way to reach voters.

With NGP VAN, the volunteer coordinator can send a list of target homes to MiniVAN, an app on your volunteers’ phones. Then they have a map of target homes, with a script which they record answers on as they go. With the addition of MiniVAN Manager, you unlock an addition stash of information related in real time from canvasser to campaign base. This program increases accountability and safety by allowing for real-time locations of your canvassers.

NGP VAN also manages things like fundraising efforts and contributions, voter databases, email and phone bank lists, demographic data, email marketing, volunteers, and payment processing. One reviewer said, “Good for Voter contact” citing how easy the lists are to manage. Another reviewer states they have been using NGP VAN for six years and says it gives excellent voter information.

The 2016 launch of VAN 5, the biggest update to the software in seven years, allows organizers to integrate data online and offline in unique ways. The interface is fresh but familiar, fitting all kinds of innovations like uploading data from multiple channels.

This software is a must-have for any progressive campaign and delivers on its promise to effectively organize your campaign from making and sharing email and phones lists to making canvassing paperless and accountable. It simplifies all aspects of record keeping, including financial contributions. NGP VAN is dedicated to promoting progressive campaigns and giving leaders more time connect with constituents.