Meet Whitney Wolfe, The Alpha Female in The Networking Industry.

Whitney Wolfe builds Bumble the founder and Chief Executive officer of Bumble, a social networking association, has been recently appointed as a non-voting member of the board of directors of Imagine Entertainment. The move comes as the latest initiatives of expansion plans for Imagine. One of the Imagine Entertainment director’s praised Whitney Wolfe and described her as a visionary and an original thinker and was happy to welcome her on board and to work on new ways for people to be empowered and entertained. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

Whitney Herd is the brains behind one of the fastest growing social networking apps on the globe called Bumble. Whitney Wolfe launched the app in the year 2014 with the idea of assisting women to meet the love of their lives by making the first move. The thought brought a change in the dating platform because of its uniqueness. As it has always been since time immemorial, the beauty queens never initiate the dating process. The Bumble idea has been bought by many and has helped especially the ladies with low self-esteem find their lovers. Due to the wide acceptance, the company has grown significantly since its formation and is working towards creating empowered connections with people who have never met.

The upward trajectory of Bumble has seen it launch Bumble BFF two years after its formation as a friend finding feature. The app has since then made the world a global village by bringing people closer to each other just by interacting in an online platform. In addition to the Bumble BFF, Whitney Wolfe’s dynamism and creativity enabled her to come up with Bumble Bizz in 2017 as a platform for that makes it easy for business professionals to network and create more market for their products and services.

More About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe being the CEO of Bumble has seen the company gain subscribers close to over 35 million users in the world, the users are spread over 144 countries globally. These achievements have led to Whitney Wolfe’s recognition by the Forbes Magazine’s ‘’30 under 30 lists of 2018. She has also appeared in the cover of Fast Company, Forbes, and WIRED magazines and has been named one of the Time Magazines Most Influential People.

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