Malcolm Caselle’s Transformation of the Gaming World

The Worldwide Asset eXchange has wholly changed the world of gaming serving more than 400 million online players. It has increased participation of various players in the virtual marketplace where one can now easily buy gaming assets. It has led to the reduction of transaction cost as one can now exchange their gaming assets with other players, a feature that was impossible in the past.


WAX being an online platform, there is a need for making sure that system is well safeguarded and hack-proof. WAX has put this into consideration and put various measures to ensure the security of the visual assets of the players. The tokens are also in such a way that they are attached to the relevant assets. Furthermore, the transfer of assets is done by transfer committee to eliminate the possibility of occurrence of fraud transactions. Failure of the transfer agents to do a good job will see them get a ban from Guilds.


WAX has now made it possible for fans and players to collect physical assets from various games as opposed to owning them virtually in the computer. This has been made possible by the transfer agents for they are able to monitor the physical location of the assets. These capabilities have improved the reputation of WAX as an asset transfer agent for they have really made the work much more manageable.


While marveling at the achievements of WAX as an organization, it is best that the person behind its good governs also receives some credit. Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur and currently the president of WAX. He studied both at MIT and Stanford University where he got his degree in computer science before venturing into the world of entrepreneurship.


He is also known as the core founder of PCCW, stationed in Hong Kong that is currently worth more than USD 35 billion. Malcolm has also worked as the president of CTO of tronc which was also dealing in digital assets. In general, Malcolm CasSelle has gathered vast experience in the digital world over the years thus enabling him to govern the companies that he has worked with successfully.