Lori Senecal Named Global CEO for CP&B because of Her Tenacity and Corporate Accomplishments

In 2015, Lori Senecal was appointed the new global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP&B), an advertising agency operating in the United States. Before her appointment, she was MDC Partner Network’s President-CEO and the executive chairman of its sibling shop, KBS.

Her new role will see her tasked with overseeing CP&B’s growth and expansion globally. She will also manage the shop’s eight international offices. She will work directly with CP&B Chairman, Chuck Porter, and other executives of the company including Richard Pinder, Andrew Keller, and Steve Erich.

Speaking of Senecal’s new appointment, Chuck Porter said that he was pleased to work alongside the accomplished executive. He added that she not only loves CP&B but also shares its values and passion. He concluded that she would bring an extraordinary level of expertise, management experience, and would be a great addition to the company’s global A-team.

Senecal’s appointment comes on the heel of her successful efforts to secure the global Infiniti account. According to Forbes, she acquired the account after aggressively fighting for it for one year. The win could not have come at a better time because CP&B planned to expand into booming markets such as China. According to Porter, the new Infiniti account will help the company actualize the expansion.

On her part, Senecal said that she was happy, and looked forward to working with the exceptional talent of CP&B to grow the advertising agency.

Lori Senecal and The 3% Movement

The 3% Movement seeks to highlight the role of women in executive positions like creative directors. Until the movement came along, only three percent of all the creative directors in the United States were female. This was business suicide because women influence over 60 percent of social media sharing and 80 percent of consumer spending. It then follows that more women should be tasked with the Creative Director’s position.

Lori Senecal appeared on the 3 percent conference because of her business and corporate accomplishments. Before her appointment as CP&B’s global CEO, she headed KBS as CEO and Global Chairman. She helped the company grow from a domestic agency with 250 employees to an international organization with a staff of over 900 people.

Before joining KBS, Senecal was the President of McCann Erickson’s flagship New York office. She also served as the company’s Chief Innovation Officer. Senecal advises women to be aggressive in business and create leadership opportunities instead of waiting for one to come their way.

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