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Investing and Volatility

In 2017, the stock market had one of its least volatile years to date. In 2017, the largest pullback in the stock market was a mere negative three percent. Experienced investors understand that the stock market historically experiences pullbacks that are in the area of double digits. Because of this history, the stock market action last year felt calm to many people that manage stock portfolios. Investors have begun to question how 2018 will be in terms of an increase in volatility. HCR Wealth Advisors has been known to help investors through turbulent times in the stock market by providing clients with personalized financial strategies. With the help of the professional advisors, clients will be able to work toward a stable, financial future.

The Federal Reserve intends to increase interest rates at a more rapid pace in 2018. The increase will come because of the movement toward normalization after years and years of monetary policy that was mainly accommodative, especially with the zero percent interest rates.

In terms of the stock market, there have not been as many gains as investors were hoping for. But 2017 was a better year for stocks than most had predicted.

About HCR Wealth

HCR Wealth is a registered financial advisory firm that can help its clients overcome financial challenges. The team at HCR Wealth Advisors combines investments, plans for retirements, and even targets for your finances into one strategy designed to help you reach your financial goals.

HCR’s mission as highlighted here, is to develop relationships with their clients that will last a lifetime. This trust is built on trust, communication, education, and other types of service. The company assists its clients in identifying different financial risks in order to try to avoid any unnecessary obstacles that could potentially come up.

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