Logan Stout: What Will Be His Next Move?

What does baseball, leadership and longevity have in common? Logan Stout. Logan Stout has made quite a name for himself as the founder of the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization, which has grown into one of the largest sports training programs in the nation that coaches children from ages 6 to 18, sending most of them off to play college and major league baseball — and many to become MLB draft picks of the year.

Leadership? Having coached youth since the age of 6 and watching many of them play on college and MLB teams, there is no doubt that Logan Stout has first-hand experience in coaching, motivating and team building the most challenging individuals with one of the most ethereal goals – big league baseball. He has condensed his trials, errors and successes with such a herculean feat, into an organized compendium of leadership skills, accessible in many seminars and publications such as “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” and www.loganstout.com, his website that provides members daily doses of inspirational life coaching. Children, parents, coaches and entrepreneurs can all benefit from Logan Stout’s leadership program.

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Longevity? Logan Stout, a natural entrepreneur and leader, has also turned to health a.k.a. “longevity” and logically so. In 2014, he along with Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom and Darwin Deason, started IDLife, LLC, a health company that offers a revolutionary nutritional plan that utilizes customized vitamin levels according to individual profiles, all in a suspension of natural and organic ingredients free of hormones, GMOs, gluten and soy, fit for anyone who needs nutrition as a competitive advantage, who wants only natural sustenance, and who has dietary intolerances and restrictions. This program is designed for the individual to reach optimal nutrition and keep them there.

Logan Stout surely is one to watch as he has lead those with dreams for goals to home plate and has maintenance plans to keep them on-top of their game. He is eager to apply his valuable know-how outside of the stadium for all. It would be interesting to see what Logan Stout’s next move will be.

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