Lawrence Bender: A Leading Producer in American Film

If you read the intro or the credits on over a dozen of some of the most interesting movies in the past few decades, you will see Lawrence Bender’s name. Lawrence Bender is an acclaimed producer that is best known for working on film projects that push the boundaries of what the film industry considers to be mainstream films that are also a box-office success. For example, his work on movies such as Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs shook up the movie industry due to the depth of the movies’ scripts. The scripts were both written by Quentin Tarantino. Lawrence Bender began working with Tarantino about a year after the two met. Tarantino sent Lawrence the script and after reading it, Bender immediately knew that the two should work together.

His career went on from his first work and he went on to produce some of the most classic movies to date. Lawrence Bender tends to choose to work on movies with deep plotlines and ones that often break the mold as far as a weaving plotline. For example, his work on the movie Pulp Fiction was a bit controversial at the time due to the level of violence and the glorifying of certain criminal activity. However, it is now a classic must-see movie of this generation. Lawrence Bender has won several academy awards and has been nominated for nearly thirty of the prestigious Academy Awards. He also received an Academy Award for a project that was very personal to him. This project was a documentary called An Inconvenient Truth. The documentary took a deep dive into the true cost of the environmental damage that global warming is doing to our world. It was an epic documentary that was voted Best Documentary that year.

Mr. Bender was originally born in The Bronx. His mother taught kindergarten at a locally school and his Dad worked as a full-time professor. It wasn’t until after he attended college that he first got into the film world. He also had goals to become a professional dancer before he happened to get injured.