Lacey and Larkin Tell Immigrants to Stay

Have you ever seen something so evil that made you want to cry. I have. Unfortunately, it was just the other day.

I saw great evils theat are being committed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Now I may be the only one, but I hate to see my fellow human being treated badly. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a modern Nazi for doing what he has done. Read more; Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Sheriff Joe Arpaio went out of his way to make Latinos suffer. Sheriff Joe Arpaio does not believe they belong here. He wants to see them go back across the border. He does not want them to achieve the American dream.

He selfishly hoards it to himself. In order to ensure that they never achieve a great dream here, his police force has been trained to racially profile against their ethnicity. Should they find any one of their skin color, they are ordered to bring them in immediately, lock them in jail cells that have failed Health inspections for years, and leave them there to suffer as long as they can.

There have been some stories told that some Latinos were in those jail cell suffering, crying out for a doctor, but Sheriff Arpaio left them there to die. If that doesn’t break your heart, then you my friend do not have a conscience.

When I hear of such an evil thing I ask myself, “Is there anyone out there who can speak for them?” In this case there was, and I am glad that they did.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are like me. They believe the immigrants deserve rights when they come to this country. It is true that many come illegally, but that is because we have not made very many legal ways for them to get here. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin noticed the very evil things that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was committing and they publish them over their media channels.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio would retaliate by trying to arrest them and intimidate them. However, this backfired. Sheriff Joe Arpaio would be taken the court by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. It was there that they would win 3.75 million dollars.

This money would go on to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund, a fund that gives grant money out to other nonprofits to fight for immigrant rights. I am grateful that they have fought for their fellow human beings.

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