Jim Hunt Is Delivering Quality Investment Information At VTA Publications

If you need information on what kind of stocks to invest in, or when to trade them, Jim Hunt VTA Publications usually has the answer. Hunt founded a company called VTA Publications which publishes information on investing and financial planning advice, and he did so to help the “little guy” compete against the big banks. Hunt was interviewed by an independent blog called Ideamensch not long ago in which he explains how he’s gotten ideas for his company. Hunt listens to what his customers want, and once he’s researched and brainstormed an idea, he usually finds the solution when he’s relaxing. Jim Hunt VTA Publications recommends people become familiar with investing basics through reading books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad or Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

Jim Hunt has no problem showing others how his investments work, and he’s published many YouTube videos detailing stock trade executions, and taking a look into investing during a bear market. “Wealth Wave” is a program he started up in which he explains how money is transferred in a bear market on prnewschannel.com, and how two phone calls could change your fortune during such a period. He also started “Making Mum a Millionaire” detailing how just 10 trades could turn someone into a tax-free millionaire.

VTA Publications has been Hunt’s primary vehicle for his programs, and this company has put together several distance learning packages to help new investors get started. If you’ve never used stock charts before, you can learn how in their course about learning to read them, and you can find out about little-known trading options through supplemental material. You may not have known that one of the oldest books, the bible has a lot to say about retirement planning in the course on the subject. VTA Publications has put together several DVDs of seminars they’ve hosted with investment professionals from around the world, and you can purchase these DVDs in addition to the other courses by going to www.vtapublications.com.

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