Jeremy Goldstein a Boutique Lawyer

Jeremy Goldstein is the managing partner at Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates LLC. It is a law firm that is dedicated to advising companies’ compensation committees, company managers, CEOs and also bigger corporations. He focuses his attention most on corporate governance issues and the executive compensation. He has handled company’s most sensitive situations and has a lot of experience in them. He is a very hard working and well-updated company advisor whose motive is to bring the best out of the company’s employees while at the same time recognizing the efforts being applied by the corporate staff. He has mastered all the compensation modes and has become a great advisor.


Many companies in recent years have stopped awarding their employees with stock options. There are so many problems and also solutions associated with that.


Jeremy Goldstein has provided several solutions towards curbing the issue surrounding stock options. Some firms have done the whole process in order for them to save some money. Little did they know that the reasons behind these are very complicated and very complex in simple terms.


These benefits are curtailed by several problems. Sometimes the value of the stock option may drop making it hard for employees to exercise the options. Nonetheless, the businesses affected are required to pay expenses related to the risks reported as a result of overhang. Also, many employees have become cautious of these methods of compensation and therefore the economic droppings may result in rendering these options valueless or rather worthless. They just resemble casinos when they get to this point. The options also make accounting so complicated and therefore seem to be a burden to companies and thus the urge to stop giving them out. Some staff would prefer a higher pay instead of wasting their time with these options that they seem not to understand.


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