Jed McCaleb Has Stellar Primed For Optimum Impact

Jed McCaleb is a well-respected computer programmer from America with a particular expertise regarding blockchain currencies. McCaleb has made many important contributions to the world of cryptocurrency including founding the first ever Bitcoin exchange known as Mt. Gox.


McCaleb was also an integral part of a project named eDonkey, a file-sharing technology that was among the first developed.


McCaleb would continue to make news in the world of blockchain currencies in 2014 when he partnered with Joyce Kim to found Stellar Development Foundation. Stellar’s mission is to increase participation in the market by use of the global financial network they developed.


The motivation for Stellar came once McCaleb gained a true understanding of Bitcoin technology and the many possible uses of this technology made possible. Instead of merely creating another currency with the technology he was able to create a network that made connections between financial institutions.


McCaleb explains that Stellar’s goal is to connect individuals globally who otherwise are not provided access to banking systems. This groups numbers about 2.5 billion individuals according to an information release by the World Bank. The connection Stellar provides between the financial institutions themselves causes it to become profitable for these institutions to provide services to many of these people. Otherwise, the maintenance cost of these services would be too expensive to justify servicing low-income individuals.


When Jed McCaleb is not busying himself with his duties at Stellar he makes use of his time researching the potential possibilities of artificial intelligence. It is McCaleb’s belief that the progress that will be seen with artificial intelligence will be as revolutionary as any advancement the world has seen. This interest has led him to become a member of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, a not for profit entity that has committed itself to the development of the tools needed to assure that artificial intelligence software will be safely utilized in the future.