Hussain Sajwani; Investing in Real Estate Can Be Fruitful!

Although there is no real secret to succeeding in the real estate business, there are a few virtues that can guide every entrepreneur through the investment process. Passion and resilience are just a few of them. With passion, a person’s role in business is defined and cemented into the choice of career. With resilience, their character is tested with the aim of finding out how strong they are to keep on pursuing their career. Hussain Sajwani is perhaps one such person who every emerging entrepreneur can look up to in the real estate business. Not only is he successful but also determined to help others throughout his journey of success. Even with the success story, Sajwani knows too well that it takes a lot for an individual to make it eventually. Here is a look at his life, career, and accomplishments in real estate.

The Preview

Born to Ali Sajwani, Hussain Sajwani grew up in The Middle East. His father was the owner of one of the most competitive retail stores that supplied men’s clothes and stationery. Since he was close to his father, he always worked with him and learned a few ropes in business management. At the same time, he managed the shop every time his father traveled. It was in the process of managing the retail shop that Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC Properties learned the value of running a successful business.


Although Hussain Sajwani developed some passion for business, he was keener on pursuing a personal venture. This time, he chose to join a school in Baghdad. The school offered different courses in medicine. However, he later changed his mind and decided to move to America where he joined the Washington University and dedicate most of his time to acquiring some of the best grades. Because he majored in economics and engineering, Sajwani became a qualified contracts manager at GASCO Limited, where he oversaw the general management of the organization. Similarly, he aspired to be in business and grow an empire. That marked the beginning of his journey as an entrepreneur because he first established a food empire that did catering for the hospitality industry.

Giving Birth to DAMAC Properties

In 2002, according to, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner gave life to DAMAC Properties, a real estate firm that has since defined his career not only as a business professional but a role model to young, emerging, real estate entrepreneurs. DAMAC Properties offers some of the best real estate properties in Dubai. Over the years, the business has thrived under the excellent leadership provided by Hussain Sajwani (@HussainSajwaniOfficial). Not only has the company earned him millions but also propelled him towards the right path in terms of creating entrepreneurial networks. As such, Hussain Sajwani associates with the likes of President Donald Trump in the quest for building a stronger business empire.

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