How Vinod Gupta Has Made Educating Indian Girls And Women A Priority Of His

Vinod Gupta is from a small Indian town. After graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology he moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, and enrolled at the University of Nebraska. He earned a master’s degree in agricultural engineering and started working for mobile home manufacturer, Commodore Corporation, as a market research analyst.

Vinod Gupta developed a list of every mobile home dealer in the nation and, with a $100 loan, started a company where he sold this list to Commodore Corporation and other American mobile home manufacturers. Over time he built a business worth $680 million when he sold it in 2010. It was at this point that he sold his company and stepped down as the chief executive officer.

Today he works at an investment firm he founded called Everest Group. Vinod Gupta is the managing director of this family-owned business and directs where money will be invested. His company provides private equity, venture capital, and he also offers consulting services to businesses which are not doing well and need him to point out what needs to change.

As someone whose education has helped him achieve great success, Vinod Gupta is a big believer in the power of education. He also knows the challenges girls and women face in India in regard to getting a good education. Due to these factors he has made educating women in India one of his priorities. He started a girls school in his hometown of Rampur Manhiharan. The money he has donated has been used to educate the girls as well as pay for buses and other needs. Visit this page for more information about Gupta

Vinod Gupta also started Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic which offers postgraduate degrees for women. They can earn these degrees in just 2 years. More about Vinod’s Philanthropic Activities and Successes are shared by him in an article with DailyForexReport.


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