How The Lacey And Larkin Fund Helps Disadvantaged People In Arizona

It was during the nighttime of October 18, 2007, that two journalists had their constitutional rights violated. These two journalists, Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey, were arrested by deputies of Maricopa County in Arizona. The deputies were acting under the direction of Joe Arpaio who at the time was the Sheriff of the county. Both Larkin and Lacey were journalists for their newspaper Village Voice Media as well as executives of the company.

Both of these men were handcuffed by the police officers in their homes and then placed into vehicles that not only had dark tinted windows but were also ones where they had license plates from Mexico. This effort of was done in order to intimidate them as Sheriff Arpaio had a number of things to hide and he felt intimidating journalists should help his cause. Both of the journalists were soon released because the legal reasons to hold them were flimsy at best.

Joe Arpaio has for a long time billed himself as America’s toughest sheriff. When people out him as a number of negative things, such as a racist, he has lashed out instead of reasonably defending his position. During the case involving Lacey and Larkin he has shown this time and again in the legal arguments that have been launched in his favor.

Both Mike Lacy and Jim Larkin are longtime members of the media industry. They have been a part of the media since the late 1960’s and have reported on a number of really important issues.

After their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio they were quickly released as the charges were instantly acknowledged as being unreasonable. Both of them decided to start a fund which would fight back against constitutional risks that of other more importantly. Both Larking and Lacey have pushed back

It takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to help others. After their arrest and release both Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey have redoubled their efforts in the fight against racism, sexism. and other forms of discrimination. They used the proceeds of the judgment the won against Maricopa County in an effort to help others that are fighting for their civil rights.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Fight Oppression in Arizona

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin received their settlement from a lawsuit resulting from their victimization by former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the duo vowed to do everything in their power to make sure the similar events didn’t happen to other people.


When Lacey and Larkin, who at the time were co-owners of an Arizona newspaper, started investigating Joe Arpaio for his countless illegal activities, Arpaio didn’t take the most rational approach. Arpaio sent his deputies in a van marked with Mexican plates to arrest the journalists. Arpaios’ actions, obviously in violation of the first amendment, ultimately led to tax payers footing a 3.75 million dollar bill to settle the injustices committed against the two journalists.


Lacey and Larkin didn’t take the money and retire, they decided to use the money to create a change in their local community.


The Frontera Fund was founded by Lacey and Larkin to combat individuals such as Joe Arpaio. The Frontera Fund intends to use its finances and resources to fight for migrant-rights. The Fund collaborates with other organizations to educated and provide a better life for immigrants in Arizona.


Frontera Fund wasn’t the only organization started by Lacey and Larkin. The journalists sold their previous newspaper, the Phoenix New Times, in favor of a more goal oriented paper. Front Page Confidential has a similar goal as The Frontera Fund. The newspaper’s purpose is to educate citizens about events that threaten their first amendment rights. The newspaper also covers politics, police brutality, issues concerning human and civil rights, and opinion pieces.