Herbalife Sponsors Jonathon Dos Santos until 2021 MLS Season

Herbalife Multi-year Sponsorship

Herbalife, the national nutrition brand, has signed Jonathan dos Santos to a multi-year contract that will extend until the 2021 MLS season. CEO of Herbalife International, Rich Goudis, marking the occasion told reporters that Herbalife was “thrilled to be Johnathan’s exclusive performance nutrition partner.” Herbalife’s mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place to live. Goudis confirmed that dos Santos has a dedication to the values of “nutrition, fitness, and community,” which reflects Herbalife’ single vision for making the world a healthier place to live while bringing people those values which make them happier.


Herbalife CEO Speaks on Occassion

Guidos told reporters that dos Santos will have access to the Herbalife24® line of health products. Jonathan dos Santos said he knows the need for a balanced nutrition and looks forward to working with the Herbalife Nutrition Team in order to realize a personalize nutrition plan that will lead to balanced nutrition leading to his being able to compete and win.


Begining and History

Herbalife is located in 90 countries globally and has over 8,000 employees. Herbalife started in 1980 and has been manufacturing products which offer solutions to poor nutrition, aging, and obesity. Its products are backed by extensive research and lab testing.


Social Responsibility Efforts

Herbalilfe extends its workforce into the communities its operates by functioning to support social responsibility in its communities. Herbalife Family Foundation and Casa Herbalife are two programs which support and relieve the nutritional needs of children.


Athletic Sponsorship

Athletic Sponsorship is an important part of Herbalife, since thru its over 190 multi-sports sponsorships it beings a high impact to the lives of those who treasure health products that enrich their lives with the potential to compete at a high level and win. For example, sportsmen like Jonathan Dos Santos have access to the highest performing nutrition for their development as well as access to Herbalife’s team of nutritionists.


Live Well and Live Green

Two programs for Herbalife Family members, Live Well and Live Green, assist families to live a nutritional and energetic life thru proper balance fitness and nutrition. Herbalife was named one of the 15 most fit companies in America. Herbalife’s Live Green program finds ways to save the environment and provide an environment for future generations.