GoBuyside Says No To Marketing Via Social Media

Social media has taken a hit from the revelation of the violation of user privacy. In the past, many businesses have relied on social media to advertise products and gather clients and buyers. Social media is only successful for some types of businesses but GoBuyside and it’s founder, Arjun Kapur believes he has a better way. Arjun Kapur believes in the old fashion way of being front and center for his clients. He goes about thinking of his clients in an old fashion way, but a way that has always worked and been successful. GoBuyside is an investment management recruiting solution.

Arjun Kapur and his team think about the client they have and look for their best opportunities to succeed. He also looks for what the company does not like and makes sure to avoid these”pains” from happening. Kapur helps companies without the use of social media. We live in a world where new and bright ideas are key. Kapur’s way of thinking is perfect for new ideas when the social media platforms are flooded with the same ideas over and over again. Just because social media exists doesn’t mean it is the best way to go or the only way. Kapur realizes this and finds his clients the absolute best matches for their business. Kapur likes to use a customer-centric strategy.

The customer-centric strategy is about knowing your customer. It is also relying on feedback to always make improvements. This ensures that the customer always comes back when they know that is a business cares about their opinion, wants, and needs. Also having metrics that make sense to everyone instead of metrics instead of metrics with highfalutin ideas that don’t work or matter. GoBuyside may be going against the grain, but it is working. Slowly, businesses are dropping out of social media and following this up to date yet step back in time way of business. If it works, that is all any business and customer ever asks for.


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