George Soros: Nemesis of the Republican Party

George Soros is a known progressive activist. One of the major causes he fights for is justice for all people. Mr. Soros fought his way up from the bottom. He was an immigrant to America himself. His family endured some of the toughest times. He grew up in Hungary and experiencing some of the world’s most cruel treatment of human beings; he has a personal reason to fight for justice in the world. This past election cycle Mr. Soros has reemerged as a political activist, by donating $15 million to support the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates.

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George Soros has been a long time nemesis of the Republican Party and their candidates. In the 2004 campaign cycle, Mr. Soros spent $27 million to try and defeat then-President George W. Bush. Soros compared Bush’s administration to that of the Nazis. He noted that defeating Bush is “a matter of life and death”. Looking back that may have been an overstatement but, former President Bush certainly did not help the economy or make average Americans’ lives any better. As a matter of fact, if he was defeated in 2004, the 2008 crash may have been avoided. This rhetoric made George Soros the victim of cruel conservative attacks, calling him a self-hating Jew and a Communist. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

Although George Soros is very wealthy, he does not support President Donald Trump. President Trump’s tax plan will largely benefit the rich, such as Soros. One way to tell that a politician or activist is corrupt is if they put their own needs ahead of the nation’s needs. Soros is doing the exact opposite of that. He would certainly benefit from President Trump’s plans but fought him tooth and nail during the election.

George Soros is a longtime friend of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Their friendship did not influence his decision to support her. In fact, Soros’ political adviser Michael Vachon has commented on how Soros has been a consistent donor to Democratic causes. Vachon further commented on how Soros is concerned about causes including immigration reform, criminal justice reform and religious tolerance. Soros is so committed to immigrants (since he was one) that he donated $5 million to the super PAC Immigrant Voters Win in an effort to increase Hispanic voter turnout. Read more about George’s life story at