George Soros Makes His Wealth Work To Help Those In Need

George Soros was born with the name George Schwartz. During Hitler’s attempt to conquer the world, George’s dad switched the name from Schwartz to Soros. George is from Budapest, Hungary. During his teenage years he saw the Nazis invade his homeland. George’s dad showed him how to speak Esperanto. Soros in the language of Esperanto simply means “will soar.” The Esperanto language is meant to ignore the differences of citizens and allow for a broader scope of communication.

Mr. Soros is recognized worldwide as a very honorable man, highly respected for his desire to lessen the extreme hardships that must be endured my lawyers, who are steadfastly working to free the numerous people who are jailed globally without just cause for imprisonment. He has gone through great lengths to be understood as a just and benevolent man, with a great many positive changes enacted upon society. His finances have been utilized to extend billions of dollars in support, to try and help out businesses that are lacking in funds, to make sure they have the money they need to continue. George Soros has provided a great extent of his financial help to people that are clearly suffering from a life of destitution that they cannot handle their lives properly. It is known by many, that if the poor have proven that they are striving to push back the hand of oppression, that he will lend his financial support to help make their dream of fighting injustice happen.

When the evil Nazi regime was vanquished from his homeland, he fled to London to obtain a higher education at the School of Finances. While studying, George experience that philosophical wisdom of Karl Popper. His wisdom helped George to understand the philosophical concept of an open society.

He has contributed his financial power to aid a range of charitable events using his group Open Society Foundation, a foundation that was cemented in 1993. George shares Karl Popper’s idea of an open society that is free to help one another. Visit to know more about George Soros.

George knows that borders only exist to hurt the citizens within them. His commitment to forming a truly free and open society goes as far as helping the LGBT community fight their battles against oppression, and George Soros is a strong advocate for smoking marijuana to help the medically stricken. He has seen that the American battle against marijuana is nothing more than a ploy to imprison people for the sake of money. George Soros knows that people who experience seizure disorders are greatly comforted by the smoking of marijuana. Mr. Soros has also provided large portions of his wealth to help out the Democratic Party.

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