From a physician to a stock Broker, the Jacob Gottlieb story

Jacob Gottlieb was born to parents who emigrated from Poland to the United States and had younger siblings with whom he was raised in Brooklyn. His father and mother were both active professionals who worked as a Ph.D. holding economics professor and a pediatrician respectively. Growing up watching his parents’ working made him develop an interest in both professions. He earned entrepreneurial experience from his lower grade school where he participated in the stock selection and selling contests which he regularly won. Afterwards, he enrolled in the New York University School of medicine where he graduated with a degree in medicine and went ahead to do his fellowship at the New York State-based St. Vincent Hospital.

Despite his medical degree, Jacob Gottlieb continued to have fascinations very deep interests in the stock market causing him to quit the field of medicine and pursue a career as a financial expert. This led him to seek employment at several financial institutions in pursuit of his ultimate dream career.
Jacob Gottlieb is a former managing partner at Visium Asset Management where he was also the Chief Investment Officer. Prior to Visium, he was among the founding members of Balyasny Asset Management and an investment group manager in London for Merlin Financial Company. Furthermore, Jacob also played the role of an analyst at Stanford c Bernstein LLC. Currently, he is actively involved with a nonprofit called Covenant House that works to provide homes for homeless children among other organizations like Robin Hood which is a charity battling poverty in the City of New York and Math for America.

Jacob is a medicine enthusiast as well as a lover for acquiring additional knowledge and trading. He describes medical practitioners as a type of stockbrokers. According to him, both these professions require massive amounts of risk-taking and top-notch planning skills as well as the ability to think outside the box while at the same time maintaining professional standards and ethics.
Furthermore, both professionals need to determine the course of action for different situations that are of varying nature like the Wall Street market situations and different illnesses presented by different clients.