End Citizen United’s Agenda and the Supreme Court Ruling

One of the most recent surprises in the US politics was the almost magical rise of the End Citizens United movement. The movement came to life after a motion by the Supreme Court to create super PACs that allowed candidates to raise unlimited funds for their campaigns. This saw the seepage of dark money into the campaigns a move that has displeased players that want to see democracy prevail. The money allows the candidates to exercise unlimited campaigns and influence. The End Citizens United goal is to counter this decision with equal sums of money raised from Americans that felt that the move would keep the dominant in leadership. The movement has received criticisms from various players, of course, due to its stand and methodologies which despite this seem to be working. The idea is to send as many emails to Americans as possible requesting for funding trusting that they would respond. The group boasted receiving donations from over 40, 000 new donors within the first six months. One of the concerns of the movements is the ability of the powerful contributors to control and manage the candidates towards private agendas. The movement also came up with 3 million signatures on a petition to revoke the ruling of the Supreme Court reiterating that dark money will corrupt the candidates and rule out the place of democracy in the country. The movement also felt that the millionaires would be the main kingmakers taking away the common man’s voice when it came to making decisions.

The movement surprised many by raising $4 million within the first three months from inception. The raised funds were to be pummeled towards overturning the Supreme Court’s decision while providing a candidate that would also fight the Citizen’s United Democrats. The movement since then has declared its new $35 million target, drawing most of their funds from the masses. The founders of the movement Greg Berlin, Jake Lipsett and Charles Starnes are fundraising experts that felt the huge amounts of cash being unleashed by the Democrats was a huge impediment to the country’s interests.

The group has evolved and come up with its interests and put forward a candidate to fight back. They at some point urged their supporters to raise $500000 in support of their candidate of choice, Jon Ossoff who was new to the arenas. The group also does not allow its donors to give anything more than $5000. The funds have however risen despite the capping of donations. They have attracted concerns over watchdogs that push grass root funding agendas as opposed to a countrywide solicitation. Adam Bozzi, the spokesman of End Citizens United explained that the movement had been involved in collaborating with politicians urging them to desist from receiving funding from certain funders.