End Citizen United: Beto O’Rourke Will Win the Texas Seat

     In the last one year, Democrats in the United States have managed to pick up thirty-four seats. Most of these seats were acquired from the areas that were traditionally reserved for GPO. Just recently, one of the most successful political action committees in the country, known as End Citizen United conducted a poll that has shown that Beto O’Rourke will be leading in the elections, followed by his Republican incumbent, named Ted Cruz. The Democrats have bigger plans for 2018, and defeating Ted Cruz will bring a lot of joy for the political party. End Citizen United is not a newbie in American politics. The institution is considered to be a nationwide organization, and it was brought into politics in March 2015. The institution has been experiencing a lot of success in the American politics, and it is looking forward to achieving more in the future.

When End Citizen United was brought into the country, it had such big dreams for the American politics. The founders of the institution had observed as wealthy and prominent figures dominated the political arena with their black money. Using this money, many people who could not afford it had to lose their candidature. Very wealthy people were given political offices because they were rich, and this meant that the poor and people with less income could not be attended. When the rich get their positions, they forget about their mission in the offices they are offered, and this is why End Citizen United was started. The main purpose of the institution is to ensure that black money has no place in American political system.

It can be tough to survive the tough climate in politics for a candidate who does not have enough resources. To make sure that all the people it has endorsed acquire the political offices, End Citizen United has managed to raise a lot of money, and most of it has been used in campaigns. The president of the institution understands that the people at the grassroots want to see changes, and this is why she has mobilized American citizens to give money so that they support the Democratic candidates. The institution has always believed that the candidates in this side are better and more focused compared to the others in the country.

According to a study conducted by the successful PAC, Cruz is leading in the political arena with a narrow margin of over 47 percent. The senatorial seat in this country has received a lot of attention from Americans, and End Citizen is looking forward to acquiring the sea. Google conducted a similar survey at the beginning of the year, and Cruz obtained a fourteen percent lead. However, in just one month, O’Rourke winning chances have managed to go up. The politician might be able to defeat Ted Cruz if we can choose to go with the changes taking place in the country. Ted seems to be losing to himself.


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