Dr. Mark Mofid On How His Innovative Spirit In The Plastic Surgery Industry

Dr. Mark Mofid has only the highest of standards when it comes to treating his patients. The San Diego and La Jolla board-certified plastic surgeon is passionate about his patients and has an excellent track record when it comes to patient satisfaction. His office is located in La Jolla that consists of Mark Mofid (plastic surgeon), his wife who is a dermatologist, and a nurse. They offer a number of services including cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic and medical dermatologic services.

Mark is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and also the American Board of Plastic Surgery making him incredibly qualified to do the job. Very knowledgeable at what he does Mark Mofid was trained at two well known universities Johns Hopkins and Harvard University. As an innovative thinker in his industry Dr. Mofid recognized that they was plenty of potential and opportunity when it comes improving plastic surgery. In fact he has been working on improving it for over 8 years. He created a clearly superior gluteal implant that are not generic, would not eventually sag, and works with the body’s muscle structure. Many are raving about Dr. Mark Mofid’s invention and has shown to be a clear winner. He has even worked closely with the most skilled and experienced Brazilian doctor when it comes to gluteal augmentation Dr. Gonzales. A leader in the gluteal augmentation industry Brazil far surpasses the United States when it comes to gluteal augmentation. In 2012 they did 20,000 of them compared to the United States doing just 1,000. Dr. Mofid learned quite a bit from working with the very talented Dr. Gonzales.

When it comes to vein treatment and hair removal they use a very specific laser. They use the Cutera laser. They hair paired with a fantastic laser facility in their area to offer patients treatments such as dermabrasion and aggressive chemical peels. With thousands of patient visiting each year, the doctor has a lot of happy patients. Knowing that Dr. Mofid will put his patients needs first makes them rest assured that it will all work out great.